10 Happening Hashtags!

For businesses, getting your brand out there is what social media is all about. Finding those new customers and supporters can be a tricky and difficult task. Thankfully, with #hashtags reaching out to new people has become a lot easier.

There are 2 #majorkeys to finding new users via hashtags:

  1. Include a few hashtags in all of your Tweets to reach people outside of your following.
  2. Make sure to constantly rotate the hashtags you use! 

If you use the same hashtags over and over, you are, theoretically, reaching the same audience each time. If you rotate your hashtags, you have the opportunity of reaching new audiences each time. So how do you decipher which ones are best for your business to use? 

To help you start, we have prepared a list of 10 marketing & business hashtags. These will let you mix up the viewership that sees your copywriting and content, and hopefully will get you some new followers!

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