Thank a Customer: 5 Easy Ways

Show your customers you care in these 5 easy steps. You won't regret it.

Customers can single-handedly make or break your reputation. While obtaining new customers add volume, maintaining loyal customers is even more important. Loyal customers will be the ones to say positive things about your business, and that in turn will naturally attract new clients. Their word is so important that a recent survey found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal reviews (source).

So how can you show appreciation for them? Below are five, practically effortless ways of saying “Thanks!” 


1 - Follow Them Back

The fastest way to show thanks is to follow a customer's social account back. Everyone enjoys being popular and having a known business like/follow you is another feather in the cap. Following customers will also let you see their habits, which will help your business with forecasting, new products, and communication!


2 -  Respond to Reviews / Comments

If someone was willing to take the time out of their day to be thankful (or upset), you should write a response. Since 88% of people will judge your business based on reviews, a friendly reply can really make your business personable. Conversely, with bad reviews, this is your chance to explain, apologize, and regain some rapport.


3 - Pass Out Prizes

Send out that swag! If you have the chance to mail branded gifts to customers or pass them out in person, do it. It gets your name out there, is relatively inexpensive, and is an easy way to give back. Another excellent option, that better fosters customer retention, is starting a loyalty program. Offering discounts or redemptions for items is the adult equivalent of an arcade prize counter.


   4 - Specialized Thank You’s

Specifically tailoring a message to a client can quickly transform the forgettable into the unforgettable. A big purchase, a milestone, or a celebration on a graphic with their name and the event posted on social media is very memorable. Plus, you will be surprised at how little time it takes, with these tools, to make custom graphics!


   5 - Have a Private Event

   Holding a private party doesn’t require an exotic location. Simply inviting customers to an invitation-only event at your offices will add enough exclusivity to make them feel valued. Hosting the event at your office will allow you to showcase new products, meet with clients, take press pictures, or simply make for a good time that they will remember. It is also a prime chance to meet new clients through a plus-one invitation. Don’t worry about an email list or address book, with social media messaging you can just extend invitations to customers from there.


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