5 More Ways to Feed Your Caffeine Addiction

Coffee, it's the start to all of our mornings and the one thing that keeps us going throughout the day. So why not treat yourself to the crème de la crème?

Let's be honest, my addiction to coffee is a very real thing. These days I'm up at 6am and hitting the pillow at 11pm. Safe to say, I definitely need something to keep my physical stamina up to par with the ambition inside. That's when I turn to coffee - my one, true love. The coffee enthusiast in me was beyond ecstatic the day I learned there was more to coffee than just Starbucks and Frappuccinos. Not that there is anything wrong with the iconic cup of Starbucks, but the day I discovered artisan coffee was the day my palette grew from a mere spectator of the game to a player.  So allow me to introduce you to your new board game, aka my 5 go-to coffee spots. Enjoy.


Where: Silverlake, Melrose, Brentwood, Studio City
What: Stumptown coffee brewed in just about the cutest coffee shop ever dreamt of. Despite being notorious for their Instagram worthy digs and iconic "but first, coffee" cups, Alfred serves up some joe that matches their hip reputation. If you're looking for something other than just coffee, I recommend their Chai Latte. Iced or hot, you'll thank us after your first sip.
MDM Pro Tip: On the weekend free tables get snagged quickly. So if you're looking to bring a laptop to work, we suggest coming on a weekday!
Photo @alfredcoffee


Where: Pasadena, DTLA, Glendale, Hollywood, Santa Monica
What: Philz Coffee is practically our neighbor, so you can bet that it's a staple among the team here. This SF transplant makes "cups of love" (yes that's how they refer to their coffee) that are customized to each customer's preference. You won't find a menu of lattes, cappuccinos, or other espresso drinks here. Rather, they have 20 different custom blends, and a staff that will help you figure out which is the right choice based on your personal taste.
MDM Pro Tip: Don't fret if the menu is too overwhelming. Just oder it the "Philz way," medium sweet with some cream.
Photo @gracechungccc


Where: Larchmont & Los Feliz
What: This place is as aesthetically pleasing as its coffee tastes - aka delicious. Go Get Em Tiger is a sister coffee shop to G&B Coffee in Grand Central Market in DTLA. While G&B was designed to bring great service and even better coffee to people in a bar-style approach, Go Get Em Tiger was made to be the neighborhood cafe you always wanted. You can find the original cafe in Larchmont and a brand new location in Los Feliz.
MDM Pro Tip: Don't just stop at the coffee. Go Get Em Tiger was created with the intent to offer up equally delicious grub. Btw, their toast selection is INSANE.
Photo @ggetla.


Where: DTLA, Melrose, West Hollywood
What: Practicing fare trade and committing to a motto that connects "farm level" to "street level," Verve sources its coffee beans from farmers around the world and puts them directly into your cup. With lots of bright, natural light, and a green wall in the DTLA location, this space is perfectly suited to supply you with coffee until your work is done.
MDM Pro Tip: The DTLA location also has all of the Juice Served Here juices. If you don't know what to get, we recommend getting the flight. It is amazing for you and is made for Instagram.
Photo @adrianajuarez_

5. Dinosaur Coffee

Where: Silverlake
What: A cute community coffee shop with amazing lighting. They source their coffee beans from SF's Fourbarrel Coffee. Best thing about it? It's high quality coffee for a price that won't wring your wallet dry compared to other places in LA.
MDM Pro Tip: The place itself is easy to miss, but you know you're in the right place when you see a McDonalds - it's right next door! And there's no wifi. So unless you plan on bringing a book to read, we don't suggest getting your work done here.
Photo @dinosaur_coffee


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