5 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

It’s easy to get lost in the dark abyss otherwise known as the explore page on your Instagram. There are over 600 million users who are active on a monthly basis and with that kind of community engagement how on earth are we meant to find new users and content we genuinely want to follow? The explore page doesn’t really seem to “get us” and we feel like we’re verging on stalker levels when we go to our friend’s activity feed and see what photos they’re liking and if we have interest in following those accounts too..... Oh I’m the only one who does this? Great. Definite stalker levels.

When I first joined Instagram my feed was solely filled with my friends and family. Who else would I follow besides people I knew? But as Instagram itself grew the last few years, I found that I’m more inclined to follow quirky accounts that post inspirational quotes, artistic endeavors, or interesting videos. The digital world has become a melting pot of content derived from all different perspectives around the globe. So why on earth would you not want to take advantage of that?!!!

I’ve rounded up my five favorite accounts to follow. Every time they pop up on my newsfeed I can’t help but smile.

1. Annette Labedzki (@annettelabedzki)

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.30.09 AM.png

I can’t tell you exactly how I found Annette, but boy I’m so glad I did. Annette is a Canadian artist who lives in Vancouver and paints canvases that she sells on eBay. However, her instagram feed is an art piece in itself. Almost everyday, Annette posts videos of her wonderful color concoctions. Using very serious looking tools (that prove to us she’s a bonafide artist), Annette mixes swirls of random colors into mysterious shades of her own creation.


2. Lost In History (@lostinhistorypics)

Lost In History may actually be my favorite account that I follow. Their curation of pictures, that range all over the 20th century, are wonderful intimate moments of what life was like from the specific year referenced. Every time a new photo is posted I feel like I gain an intimate insight into what life was like then. The entire account feels more like an ongoing photography exhibit than an Instagram feed.


3. Somewhere I Would Like To Go (@somewhereiwouldliketogo)

For all the travel buffs and aficionados whose feeds are filled with posts from @natgeotravel, @doyoutravel, and @travelandleisure, I bring you @somewhereiwouldliketogo. As a travel buff myself, I find the locations Somewhere I Would Like To Go features to be off the beaten path and true, one-off travel gems. So do what I do...scour their feed and find hidden gems you want to visit next time you travel to their motherland.


4. Somewhere I Would Like To Live (@somewhereiwouldliketolive)

And since we’re on that note, the creators of Somewhere I Would Like To Go also created Somewhere I Would Like To Live. In fact, this was their original account. Similarly to its' sister account, Somewhere I would Like To Live posts obscure but luxurious, dream landscapes and sharp architectural buildings that make us drool at the thought of living at any one of these fine establishments.


5. Taste of Streep (@tasteofstreep)



Taste of Streep is really what the internet is all about kiddos. Photos on photos of Meryl Streep photoshopped into hilarious, goofy situations? Sign us up!


Hopefully I scored a 5 out of 5 and you followed all five accounts! But if these don’t quite do it for you here’s a helpful tip while you navigate the curation of your own feed: the “downward arrow” button next to the “follow” button provides a list of accounts similar to the one you are on that Instagram thinks you make like.

Enjoy the Instagram spiral folks!


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