Top 5 Food Trucks in LA

If you know us at all, then you know we are Foodies with a capital "F!" Always on a constant search for the next best hidden secret in LA, we love experimenting with new delicacies, new fads, and new bites. We've taken you behind the scenes of Frogtown's beloved Salazar, given you our top five places to get your fry on, our round up of the best avocado toast in LA, and now we are here to share are very favorite food trucks! 


As if the concept of a "meal on wheels" wasn't hook line and sinker enough, after watching the movie Chef we were INSTANTLY sold. A hot meal prepared for us in a matter of minutes? A cost efficient way that provides new and interesting chefs the chance to pursue their dreams of delicious food? (Plus we'll take Jon Favreau as our chef any day. But I digress....) Food trucks went mainstream in 2008, about nine years ago, and have remained an iconic part of the eating experience in many cities including Los Angeles since. Being the foodies we are, we've tried just about every single one of them and are here to share are absolute favorites - some are worth the wait and some just don't quite make the cut.


1. The Grilled Cheese Truck

WHAT: The Grilled Cheese truck has been melting not only cheese, but also the hearts of its customers since 2009 with one mission only - serve gourmet, "chef driven" grilled cheese sandwiches. The truck has been featured on many hit TV shows such as Unwrapped, Unique Eats, and Food Truck Paradise. The company started in 2009 in Los Angeles and has since expanded throughout Southern California and Phoenix, San Antonio, and Austin. 

MDM'S MENU PICK: Plain & Simple Melt, Cheesy Mac Melt, S'mores Melt


2. Yeastie Boys

WHAT: LA's firs bagel truck that serves hand-rolled bagels accompanied by plenty of schmear and spread.  But their bagels just aren't any bagels -- Yeastie Boys have perfected that delicate balance of a fluffy center matched with a thin crisp crust. But hurry, these bagels typically sell out before the afternoon!! And if you just can't make it out of bed that early, you can also visit them at their permanent location behind Alfred in the Alley in West Hollywood from 7am-3pm. 



3. Kogi BBQ

WHAT: Considered the "grandfather" of food trucks, Kogi BBQ is one of the OG's when it comes to food trucks. Fusing Mexican cuisine with Korean,  Kogi BBQ is one of the more popular choices -- and with good reason. The truck has received much recognition from the food world including a Bon Appetite award in 2009 and "Best New Chef" for Roy Choi by Food + Wine in 2010, the very first for a food truck! Be sure to follow them on social media as they constantly offer specials and incentives through their various platforms! 

MDM'S MENU PICK: Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla


4. The Lobos Truck

WHAT: A fresh and creative food truck that sets out to reinvent American comfort food. From burgers to mac and cheese, The Lobos Truck provides a fresh spin on these American classics. Their location and schedule changes frequently so make sure to follow them on Twitter if you're having a craving. 

MDM'S MENU PICK: OG Waffles and the Salted Caramel Bacon Brownie. 



WHAT: Coolhaus is the grown up version of your childhood neighborhood ice cream truck - and these ice cream sandwiches are certainly worth the chase! They've thought of just about every possible combination of cookie flavor paired with ice cream. From classics such as Mint and Chocolate Chip to more "exotic" flavors like Fig and Marscapone, Coolhaus really does have something for everyone.  
MDM'S MENU PICK: Blackberry Ginger Sorbet, Cinnamon Cookie Dough and any one of their seasonal flavors. 


All of these food trucks have rotating schedules and hit a variety of locations daily. The best way to locate any one of your favorite food trucks is to view their updated locations on Twitter. You can also find most food trucks at First Friday's in Venice, a "street faire" on Abbot Kinney every first Friday of the month. There are also food festivals wherein these and other food trucks frequent, such as Smorgasburg LA.


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